Thursday, June 28, 2012

Still stronger with distance? I hope not

Distance for me is a big hammer for a relationship. Barrier and vandals! But now ........ everything changed.

December 25, 2011
"Water?" I offer a bottle of mineral water labeled with what I bought at a price of 5000 dollars, it's pretty expensive for a medium sized bottle. But yes, it's Soekarno Hatta airport, where all become expensive, if a bottle of mineral water could be so expensive, let alone the price of a meeting.

Arie did not say anything, just take the water which I handed, open it slowly, but quite strong, visible from a prominent vein on the back of his hand it slightly brown-skinned. Sipped it slowly, then returned it to me.

Me and Arie,
we were not able to describe what is going on between us, but one thing is sure that I know, I love a man who was standing in front of me this. Restless as if waiting for something, looking at many times in his right hand. Or see a large LCD screen near where he stood.

Arie is always confusion every time I puzzled why he always wore at the right hand. Arie who often call me in the morning when the day started slowly just to chat, then I fell asleep without hearing again what Arie say.

I love this man, the man who since an hour ago to check her cell phone, asked his father guard the airport terminal, asked after the aircraft had targeted. I can not do much, just offering mineral water, and gently tapped her shoulder to remind him to always be patient.

Reminded the meeting that the meaning of expensive.

"So, already getting used to the same distance?" I opened the discussion and vote amid noisy airport luggage bags are encouraged to sit back down around us. Arie just dreamy and slightly raised his eyebrows, looked at the clock back on his right hand and checking his black cell phone, then put back into my jacket pocket to buy a birthday gift a year ago. A brown jacket, which I bought with my savings alone, he received with happy face and laughter that shows a neat row of teeth while the gums begin to brown because smoking does not know the time.

"Not know, get used to it .. if you miss Kan nelpon or skype still be right?"
"Sure miss can be cured simply by talking via technology?" I smiled mischievously as he gave the code to move the seat to a more conducive. Kehingaran airport makes me unable to enjoy the soft voice and gentle tone, and slowly coming out of the mouth of a Arie. Again Arie just raised an eyebrow. Equate steps with me and stopped at a coffee shop on the corner of the terminal.

"I'm still not sure, Mbem .." Arie called "Mbem", led her round cheek to call me so, I never complain, I feel safe calling it in its mouth. I enjoyed it. "We can watch as far as what is it? Emang would you have predicted to what extent? Distance should not be a problem anyway, as long as two people trust each other and have the same goal right?"

I drank my cup of coffee, offering the rest to Arie. He was the coffee cup away from his reach, as if thinking is very heavy on the meaning of a rare meeting and parting that would be best friends. Arie is not usually offered coffee refuse, scratches on his forehead as if to say that there is a running head.

"Believe wrote Mpengg, if emang mate will ga ga where .. If you do not believe it lived .. The relationship takes the readiness of both sides, if only you or your partner are ready, will not be the way .. Believe it wrote, that we are already born into the world with his line of each. You just have to run it yourself the best you wrote, good will follow you .. "

"I'm serious about this relationship, Mbem .."
"Yes, if you seriously live aja, Mpengg memeberatkan .. What else are you? Distance? Just 4 years Arie .. Once finished master, lived marriage .."
Arie laughed a bitter, defeated by the argument, Arie eventually drank my coffee offer. Then take a glass of coffee and mocha menoyor head. I really like this and Arie, spend time together since we were sitting in school until we are old. Arie taught me about love, Arie are often scolded for staying in a relationship long distance. Arie who accompanied my night, I fill the lonely Arie. We really complement it ..

"You never mind at a distance, Mbem?"
"I? .. For what distance is only an issue if you love and trust is not too strong, Mpengg .. Hehe. Loss thinking about aggravating things, the patterns of thought so messy. D better thinkers fortunately, at least there are people waiting and waiting for us, rather than thinking about when I can stand this place anymore to wait for it? " my mind began to chaotic, and I know that I'm lying.
"Yeah .."
"Relax, Arie .. Everything will be fine. Put your faith, Distance is not for the Fearful, it is for the bold. It's for Those WHO are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one They love. It's for Those knowing a good thing when They see it, even if They Do not see it nearly enough ... "
I hold hands Arie, reinforcing it by strengthening my grip on his hand.

Arie re-look at the clock,
"I should have time .."
"Patience .. Enjoy it while we had coffee there is still time .."

I sip my coffee is still warm, and began removing my Blackberry to mengecheck Timeline Twitter. Arie is still busy with his cell phone, type a message that seemed important to him. Bowler's eyes look to and fro, whether what is sought. Possible opportunity, perhaps the time, maybe the power .. or perhaps hope.
I tried to look calm, strengthen it again with a light patting his shoulder. Let him move his feet to the foot of the table, although it is actually rather mengangguku for my coffee to be moved and a little spill. Arie is like that, his legs can not be programmed for silent, especially at a time when he was waiting for something.

I still enjoy a coffee and Twitter timeline notice when I heard this international airport. With me and Arie rushed it all out. And put HP, pay what is ordered and toward the goal where we went to the airport.

Arie stood, I was speechless.
Arie looked away from me, as if searching for something. I'm more quiet.


From the distance, even without glasses, I could see the figure above tergelung haired woman. Wearing a pink sweater that fits exactly fall in body. With hair that covers the child's neck. Push cart contains 2 large suitcases and a brown teddy bear. I'm still amazed by her beautiful, red lips and a cheery smile as he cried ...

"Arie! Ellena!"

Yes she was up to us, hugged tightly as Arie. I can see clearly how Arie closed her eyes as if to enjoy all the arms that have not felt in almost 6 months. I also can see clearly the smiles that are formed from the remains of red lips without lipstick perfect, even after taking many hours traveling Australia - Indonesia.

The woman kissed my cheek, and again embraced Arie.

"Ayuk, Len .." She said, giving the code for me, he and Arie leave this place. I nodded and grinned.

I walked behind them who can not let go of each hand. I'm used to seem. My heart is dying, and probably will be dead. And when we arrived at the departure gate, perpisahanpun come. I sobbed, clutching her body seemed to not want to lose. Lord, for this one, I'm not lying.

Then, they go. Lost in the density of the airport.

I turned around, heading for the corner coffee shop in the terminal. Message me another cup of coffee, brewed and my my drink slowly, this time .. without Arie ..

Creation : Nafila Zain